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Mardi Gras 2015 = new date!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dear Families, 
With warmer temperatures and a 30% chance of rain we are going to schedule our Mardi Gras party for Petite Section – Moyenne Section – Grande Section this upcoming Friday (2/20/15) !


We will try to schedule “mini Gras” (Creche and TPS) next week when the temperatures are better.

Mardi Gras 2015 POSTPONED

Friday, February 13, 2015


With the threat of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, Mardi Gras will be postponed to a later date. 


 We will keep you updated !


Have a great long weekend as the school will be closed on Monday Feb. 16 in observance of President’s Day.

Mardi Gras 2015!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We are SO excited to announce our Mardi Gras Party will be on Tuesday, February 17th at 9:30am for the children enrolled in PS, MS, and GS. 
We will have a second party (Mini-Gras) on Wednesday, February 18th for the children enrolled in Crèche and TPS (if your child does not usually attend school on Wednesdays, please feel free to come and enjoy the party).  
 Here’s how you could help us to celebrate Mardi Gras.
The Parades.
  • The teachers and children have been working hard to prepare and would like to make a big entrance outside for the parade. We are asking all parents to meet outside at 9:30am and not in the classrooms. We will provide you with beads to put around the students’ necks.

  • During the parade if your child sees you and wants to be with you, please join the march and follow them to the playground with the parade. This will help us keep track of all the children to ensure proper supervision throughout the parade.
  • Once the parade is over, you can meet your children on the playground and please feel free to take group pictures, eat snacks and have fun!
  • This is “potluck” event; please feel free to bring crepes, fruits, cakes, juices etc….  We will provide plastic cups, plates, and silverware.  You can place your delicious snacks on the tables located on the large playground when you drop off your child.
This is a short parade. Please be on time or you will miss it.
 What if it rains??
 If it rains, we will reschedule the event. Let’s all think about a wonderful sunny morning! 

Newsletter February 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Crepes Day ! 

February is a time for love and friendship. 

We will discuss the importance of loving, giving, sharing and friendship during this special holiday. Then we will celebrate Mardi Gras for two days and we will have two parades New Orleans style!

Stay tuned for more details… 

Happy New Year 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dear La Maternelle Families,

The 2014-2015 school year has been very positive so far and our school keep growing with 17 new students in January itself. I am very grateful to the dedicated efforts of our staff, teachers and teachers assistant who continue to go above and beyond to service your families. Our staff and students work hard everyday to reach individual and school wide goals which can vary greatly between learning a new language, spelling, writing or successfully mastering toilet training. I want to assure you that our diligent work continues into the new year. We wish you everyone a Happy New Year 2015.  

Teacher Parent Conferences Dec 1st – Dec 12th 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Please make sure to stop by your child’s classroom door to sign up for a time and date to meet with your child’s teacher. Teachers are so excited to share all of the new developments that have been happening with your child! This is an important time to review developmental milestones, set developmental goals and get to know your family better.  Here is how you can prepare to actively participate in parent-teacher conferences:


Be willing and ready to share information about your child and family. 
You know your child better than anyone else and have valuable insights to share with the teacher. 
Never miss a parent-teacher conference. 
Use the conference as an opportunity to exchange information with the teacher and discuss ways to work together to enhance your child’s education. If you can’t visit in person, schedule a telephone call to discuss your child’s progress.
Arrive on time. 
Teachers usually have a tight schedule for conferences— typically 20 minutes per family. Be considerate of other parents whose conferences will take place after yours.
Listen with an open mind.
Ask questions when you don’t understand. Voice your concerns, but be open to suggestions.
Be prepared. 
Think about or write down one or two questions to ask the teacher.
Stay involved. 

Ask the teacher to suggest activities you can do at home to reinforce your child’s learning.


School Closure

The school will be closed Thursday 27 & Friday 28 of November 2014 for Thanksgiving! Enjoy these few days off with Family and Friends and we will all see you next Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Halloween Party!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

 Dear Families,

Our Halloween Party will be Friday, October 31st from 9:00 to 11:00.  Please have your child wear his/her favorite costume (no scary costumes such as skeleton costumes, they do scare younger children), bring a bag or basket for our “Trick or Treat” Party and please bring a change of clothes for your child(ren) if they nap or need to be more comfortable during the day. Thank you.



Keeping our children safe with the excitement of Halloween can be quite a challenge. Little Ones may have a harder time listening and following directions from parents & caregivers, and remembering basic safety rules. That is why it is so important to keep a close watch over your child(ren) when they are out trick-or-treating. Talk with your child(ren) a few times before the big night to go over rules and safety precautions that need to be followed while you are out trick-or-treating. Be sure to remind them again before you head out the door with them.

Picture Day!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mark your calendar! Teddy Bear Portraits will be at our school for 2 days.

First, Thursday, October 16th, we will take individual and group pictures for the children enrolled in PS, MS and GS.

Second, Friday, October 17th, we will take individual and group pictures for the children enrolled in Creche and TPS.

The picture will be taken in the new building (in the gym), please proceed to the new building if you need to take pictures with your child’s siblings. Also, if your child does not come to school on Fridays please make arrangement so your child can have his/her picture taken with his/her friends and teachers.  Be sure to coordinate any changes of clothes with your teachers ahead of time. 

The pictures will be ready for purchase two weeks later, just on time for Christmas cards!

Self confidence and bilingualism

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dear La Maternelle Families,


We are off to a very good start ! Developing self confidence is very important and as parents we always want to give positive reinforcement, remember that his/her artwork is his/her special creation and ask your little one about what he did and how he did it – do not ask “what is this” as it is obvious to them :) )


Be patient with a child who, when asked what he/she did at school, divulges very little. However, take upon yourself the challenge of improving in the area of questioning so that you stimulate as much language as possible. This means reducing the number of questions which require a one word “yes” or “no” answer or, perhaps, a shrug. Instead of “Did you have a good time?,” ask ” What did you do at school that you don’t do at home?”; “What color did you use?”; “Who sat next to you while you were eating?”


Also, please remember children raised bilingual do take a little longer to start talking than those raised in monolingual households. The delay is momentary, however, and according to experts, it’s not a general rule. ”Research indicates that bilingualism does not cause delays in either speech or language acquisition,” says Ellen Stubbe Kester, president of Bilinguistics, which offers bilingual speech-language services in Austin, Texas. Even if your child has already been diagnosed with some kind of speech delay, raising him bilingual won’t make his speech any more delayed”Studies have found that children with language delays who are in dual language environments gain language at the same rate as those in monolingual environments,” says Kester 


Here are some ideas to help you out raise your bilingual child

- Do playgroups with other bilingual families

- Do story time in French / English (see book opportunity program in this newsletter). 

- Listen to French/ English music (ask the director for CD’s)


Hope it helps !

Book opportunity

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Families and teachers are invited to join a book program through “L’ecole des loisirs.” It is a great program with great childrens books at bargain prices. For your convenience, catalogs have been placed in your child’s cubbies. The subscription has 4 different age groups.


- bebemax 2 years 


– titoumax 2-4 years old 


– minimax 4-6 years old


- kilimax 6-8 years old


This is a great opportunity for you to read new books to your children and for us to enrich our library. Thank you so much for your participation and support in this project. Please complete the “bulletin d’abonnement regroupe” by September 20th. Please note that all proceeds from the Children’s Book Sale will support La Maternelle and for every twelve subscriptions we will obtain a free subscription. Thanks for your participation.